Board and Directors

Guilford Center for Children’s Board of Directors works in conjunction with the program Directors  to ensure that the organization operates with integrity and accountability in achieving its mission. The Board Members contribute their talent and expertise on various subcommittees that work on fundraising efforts, community outreach, fulfillment and other projects consistent with our mission.

Meet our Board of Directors

Joanna Meyer, former GCC Early Education and current BASC parent, education researcher
James Crawford, GCC parent, teacher
Laura Davidson, GCC Early Education and BASC parent, GCC Board of Directors Vice President, marketing
Dawn Parker, GCC parent, research scientist
Matt Healy, GCC parent, realtor at Page Taft
Sarah Leite, former GCC parent, GCC Board of Directors Treasurer
Kira Baum, former GCC Early Education and current BASC parent, GCC Board of Directors Secretary, communications and fundraising
Margaret Moffett Ferrell, GCC Early Education Parent, GCC Board of Directors President, consultant
Bernadette Bober, former GCC Early Education parent and current BASC parent, teacher
Andrew Stephens, future GCC Early Education parent, banking
Stephanie Mancini, CPA
Nicole Tsoukanalis, former GCC Early Education parent, medical research
Deborah Welch, GCC BASC parent, attorney